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Consortium Partners

Defence Economic Bureau of the Ministry of Defence of Hungary
The coordinating beneficiary
The Defence Economic Bureau of the Ministry of Defence of Hungary (MoD) is a public body responsible for state owned properties stakeholder task performance, built and rural estates management, housing-logistic material supply, rural and built estates reconstruction execution and management control tasks.
The main activity in the project was related to project co-ordination. MoD delegated the project manager and financial manager to fulfil administrative project management tasks, monitoring project progress and preparing Progress, Mid-term and Final Reports. MoD also took role in the preparation of the Post Project Conservation Plan. Technical tasks of MoD involved field technical inspections to concrete conservation actions. The Bureau was responsible for the procurement tasks. The objectives defined in the proposed project were integrated into the existing environmental protection activities of the applicant by using the practical experiences gained in the preceding years. 
MoD has been participating in the execution of environmental conservation projects within the scope of the National Defence Thematic Action Plan called 2nd National Environmental Protection Programme/Protection of Biodiversity and Landscape Conservation for 10 years. In this Programme, the beneficiary has been performing professional supervising, co-ordinating and managing duties.
MoD is the co-ordinating beneficiary of the LIFE+ project ‘Restoration and conservation of priority habitats and species in the Eastern Bakony area’ (LIFE07 NAT/HU/000321) beginning in 02/02/2009. In project EASTERN BAKONY, MoD will be responsible for similar tasks to those that are assigned to them in this project. Through experience gained during the co-ordination of two ‘Nature and Military’ type projects, MoD is able to provide professional and technical guidance to managers of military owned Natura 2000 sites on a European level.
Budapest Forestry Corporation
Beneficiary (2)
Budapest Forestry Co. (BEG) is 100% owned by the Hungarian State. The mission of the organization is to synchronize military activity and forest, game and land management. In the past 15 years BEG have focused its activities on the following priorities:
• Forest and game management;
• Reuse of forestry by-products;
• Promotion of tourism;
• Maintenance of public recreational facilities; 
• Safekeeping and protection of areas with high geological and ecological value;
• Conservation of natural and cultural heritage.
Beside these fields of activity, BEG regularly performs water-, soil- and landscape-conservation related tasks. BEG has 32,000 ha area land under its management. During the past 15 years, the beneficiary has accumulated experience in forest management activities – some of which are closely related to the conservation measures assigned to BEG in this project – on sites of Hungary such as Buják, Lovasberény, Süttõ, Uzsa, Táborfalva. Another connection of the beneficiaries regular activity to this project is that general ecological characteristics of most of the forests managed by MoDBF are similar to those of the project site, which enables of best possible land management approach.
Project tasks assigned to the associated beneficiary targeted the rehabilitation and restoration of degraded priority habitats (such as Pannonic sand steppe and Pannonic inland sand dune thicket) utilizing best practice forest management methods (ACTION C.1-C.5). These measures included the removal of shrub thicket from valuable grassland, suppression of invasive arboreal species, reconstruction of mining lakes and river embankment walls, recultivation of military and other anthropogenic structures and landforms on the site. BEG also was partially responsible for dissemination actions such as the installation of gates on inbound roads to limit unauthorized traffic, installation of informational and notice boards and the development of an educational trail in the area (ACTION D.1-D.9).
BEG maintains a long-term professional relationship and has previously shared collaborative efforts with the co-ordinating beneficiary (MoD) and the Fertő-Hanság National Park Directorate (beneficiary no. 3).
Fertő Hanság National Park Directorate
Beneficiary (3)

The Fertő-Hanság National Park Directorate is an independent legal entity financed by state budget. It is independently managed, and operates under the direction of the Hungarian Minister of Environmental Protection and Water. 
The mission and duties of the Fertő-Hanság National Park Directorate (FHNPD) include: 
• Fulfilment of tasks related to state funded research on nature conservation, maintenance and restoration of habitats;
• Consultancy service for public proceedings related to nature and landscape protection;  
• Fulfilment of tasks related to the management of state property;  
• Organization and operation of the Nature Conservation Guard of the Directorate, assistance for the Municipal Nature Conservation Guard and fulfilment of guarding duties related to the protection of the archaeological heritage; 
• Fulfilment of tasks related to the management of protected and strictly protected natural values, protected and strictly protected natural areas, Natura 2000 sites, natural areas and values protected by international agreements;
• Preparation of recommendations for granting areas natural protection status or including to the Natura 2000 network;
• Preparation of nature conservation management plans; 
• Preparation of plans for the maintenance and management of protected ecosystems;  
• Fulfilment of safekeeping duties and preservation of seized natural values. 
The most important responsibility of FHNPD in the project was transferring knowledge of best environmental practice to other beneficiaries through practical collaboration on concrete conservation actions and monitoring the project impact on the target habitats and species. The beneficiary was also responsible for the preparation and scientific supervision of the concrete conservation actions and for collecting baseline data inventories. FHNPD also took part in dissemination actions through education on environmental practices and preparing scientific presentations and publications.
AQUAPROFIT Engineering, Consulting and Investment Corporation
Beneficiary (4)
Aquaprofit Engineering, Consulting and Investment Company Co. (www.aquaprofit.com) is a Hungarian owned SME established in 1996, based in Budapest, Hungary, with branch offices in Romania and Brussels. Due to its excellent staff composition made up of water engineers, hydrologists, hydrogeologists, geologists, landscape architects, environmental - , civil engineers, marketing specialists and economists, Aquaprofit Co. is market leader in water management and environmental protection in Hungary. The company has more than 50 full-time employees and over 30 consultants on time contracts, offering expertise in drinking & thermal water supply and protection, waste water treatment, geothermal utilisation and hydogeological modelling, flood protection. Moreover holds substantial experience in dissemination activities of environmental and water projects.  
Employees of Aquaprofit have substantial experience in planning, managing and assisting international collaborative projects (Europaid, IPA, PHARE CBC, LIFE+, GEF, etc.). Its client list includes the European Commission, national and local governments, clusters and state owned companies as well as private enterprises and engineering companies.
The main activity of Aquaprofit Co. in this project was to disseminate the project results on a regional and international scale: project website development and maintenance, compiling and publishing layman’s report, co-ordinating media and public relations, publishing and distributing educational material, organizing information meetings, organizing an international seminar on the project and the exchange of best practice with other LIFE+ military initiatives. It is also responsible for the development of a sustainable post project communication plan.