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Amphibian and the Hungarian Little Plain


This year, due to favourable weather conditions the amphibian species of Little Plain started the egg-laying relatively early. The agile frogs had laid their eggs in mid-March. They will be followed by the other species until the end of April. The eggs hatch within a few weeks and the larvae continue to develop in the water.

Project introducing presentation on the XIII. Environment Seminar


International seminar „Rehabilitation of dry and semi-dry grasslands”

Date: 20-21 May 2015

Venue: Hotel Révész, Győr, Hungary, (9026 Győr, Hédervári út 22.) 

On the above date an international seminar will be organised in the frame of the Hungarian Little Plain (LIFE08 NAT/H/000289) project, financed by the LIFE+ Nature Programme and hosted by the following partnership: the Defence Economic Office of the Hungarian Ministry of Defence, Budapest Forestry Co., Fertő-Hanság National Park Directorate and Aquaprofit Co.

Environmental protection lecture for elementary students


The Móricz Zsigmond Elementary School held  its Environment Conference on the 1st of April 2015 in Győr, where Takács Gábor the lead expert of Fertő-Hanság National Park gave a lecture to the students.

Second public information meeting & press conference on 6th November 2014


The second information meeting for the public and press conference were held in Győr, on the 6th November 2014, aiming to introduce the interim results of the Hungarian Little Plain LIFE+ project to the media and the public.

Seed collection is now finished


For the grassland rehabilitation it was necessary to collect seeds with both electrical equipment and by hand as these species cannot be purchased in an ordinary way. 

Environmental education of the SAM WING 12 ’Arrabona’ personnel continued


In October 2014 the Fertő-Hanság National Park Directorate held two environmental trainings to the personnel of SAM WING 12 ’Arrabona’.

Successful grassland management with grazing


Grazing with the Hungarian Gray cattle proved to be an effective and “close to nature” grassland management method

The main aim of all conservation actions on the Hungarian Little Plain LIFE+ project area is to restore and preserve the remaining pannonic steppe grasslands on this unique Natura 2000 site.  The conservation activities are implemented with the careful consideration of the natural heritage, for the most effective and environmental friendly implementation, which is one of the reasons why the Budapest Forestry Co. introduced the Hungarian Gray for grazing.

Cooperation agreement between the Hungarian Bird and Nature Protection Association and the Budapest Forestry Co.


The Agreement has been signed after the first Public Information Meeting of the project organised in 2013. Since then the Association gives expert view and advice regarding some of the conservation actions implemented by the Budapest Forestry Co.

The Móricz Zsigmond Elementary School, the Budapest Forestry Co. and the Fertő-Hanság National Park has officially opened the Szentiván educational trail on the project area


The Budapest Forestry Co. has provided part of the forest to the Móricz Zsigmond “green” elementary school, while the Fertő-Hanság National Park Directorate organised the educational trail to support environmental education and introduce the natural values of the Natura 2000 site to the public.

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